Dewitta KL70/3

Our DEWITTA KL70/3 double chainstitch machine with cutting device is ideal for sewing fabric gloves, tricots, and knitwear.

The DEWITTA KL70/3 can be used to economically sew all types of fabrics, such as nylon, perlon, silk, artificial silk, cotton (simplex, tricot, crimmer and lining fabrics), knitwear and also soft leather.

The machine is characterized by quiet running, easy operation and very low maintenance. The cutting device can be switched on or off in any position of the machine. The knives can be easily replaced.

All machines are equipped with foot levers for lifting the presser foot. The presser foot is lifted by a chain through a second foot pedal on the sewing table. This design leaves both hands free for the seamstress and the sewing material can be guided safely.

Data sheet

Technical data

(subject to technical modifications)

  • Needle system: 573 N
  • Needle sizes (normal): 40-80
  • Number of stitches/min: up to 2,800
  • Stitch length adjustable: 0.8 - 3 mm
  • Power requirement: approx. 150 W
  • Net weight: approx. 18 kg
  • Gross weight: approx. 25 kg
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