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Häuser + Renner: an internationally operating company with a trade and a production branch as its main pillars.

Häuser + Renner is an internationally operating company with the main pillars trade and production. We deliberately focus on diversification and a wide range of services, which we are constantly developing. This makes us not only crisis-proof, but we are also agile and always on the pulse of time.

One of our key areas of expertise is foreign trade. With our in-house expertise, we can handle imports and exports worldwide. Our company has been active on 5 continents for decades. We have a strong network of partners and ensure that the logistical handling on site is carried out according to our specifications.

Our claim is highest customer satisfaction through smooth processes: You can trust in our competence and reliability - we deliver what we promise.
How Häuser + Renner became a diversified, internationally active company

Häuser + Renner was founded in 1949 by toolmakers Anton Häuser and Julius Renner and in particular supplied local glove makers. The company quickly developed its own ideas in the manufacture of tools for leather glove production.

Thus, at the end of the 1980s, the PORKERT product range was taken over. At the beginning of the 1990s, the DEWITTA brand was taken over by Wittenstein AG. These sewing machine brands still stand for the competence of Häuser + Renner in high-precision manufacturing and assembly..
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When textile production, and with it glove production, increasingly migrated to Asia in the 1970s, Häuser + Renner saw this change as an opportunity. The competence in toolmaking and metalworking acquired over two decades created new opportunities at home.

The area of CNC technology was developed as a promising business field, and the positioning as a high-performance supplier was consistently advanced.
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On the other hand, the existing glove technology business was expanded to Asia, and new business field in Asia were developed.

During several delegation trips, among others with the Bavarian State Government, close contacts were established with importers of high-quality leather. As a result, a global leather wholesale business was established.

Häuser + Renner developed into the first point of contact for European automobile and furniture manufacturers for the purchase of leather hides and leather offcuts.
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To create production and storage space for the rapidly growing company, the company moved to the premises at Wettenhauser Weg 5 in 1990. In 2000, Erich Häuser withdrew from the company, which had once been jointly founded and managed by the 2nd generation. From then on, it was managed by Harald Renner alone. Today Häuser + Renner is a strongly positioned company with two main pillars: metalworking CNC technology and global trading business.

In the course of the corona pandemic, the Health Care Supply division was established in 2020. Here, the focus is on trading in high-quality nonwovens (spunbond material certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and meltblown materials from German production) for FFP2 mask and surgical mask production.
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In the meantime, Dr. Marius Renner, the 3rd generation, is jointly responsible for the company's fortunes.

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